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Jonathan J.
Jonathan J. 7 timmar sedan
EA - Tyres are only available in loot boxes.
NIKHIL RAJKUMAR 9 timmar sedan
Is split screen in the story mode?
Hybrid-R Racing
Hybrid-R Racing 10 timmar sedan
Breaking , Braking. EA
alida flus
alida flus 10 timmar sedan
"You want respect you give respect. Thats how it works." - some guy
Necati Furkan Şahin
Necati Furkan Şahin 11 timmar sedan
RIP local prices...
Andy.mtb. Vlogs
Andy.mtb. Vlogs 11 timmar sedan
Abit EA!! Ohh wait....
Jonaras 12 timmar sedan
I hope for a good price at The Greek Territory! xD <3 <3 I AM SO HYPED!!!!
Andreas Viken
Andreas Viken 12 timmar sedan
F12021: Valtteri Bottas edition
Charlie Gaze
Charlie Gaze 13 timmar sedan
One of the most boring circuits on the calendar, but it does throw up some good races.
JT 14 timmar sedan
Can't wait for the micro transactions!!
Kimi Morgam
Kimi Morgam 14 timmar sedan
Augustoll 15 timmar sedan
Mostrou exatamente nada !
Akbarz Roxas
Akbarz Roxas 17 timmar sedan
Is this any manager career like F1 2020 ? I like making team again.
Tuza Laci
Tuza Laci 18 timmar sedan
Codmasters pls hungarian languge
Shankar Nadkarni
Shankar Nadkarni 18 timmar sedan
Seriously EA? Increasing price of this game in India 3 times to previous game f1 2020? Such a rip off. This is such a disservice to loyal fans of F1 game in India. F1 games are doomed now.. Not everyone can afford to spend that much.. No wonder why EA games are pirated alot.
X RAZMA 18 timmar sedan
see it preorderd it wating for it
jhonas broto's
jhonas broto's 19 timmar sedan
Riesjth Jth
Riesjth Jth 19 timmar sedan
Hopelijk live commentaar
Andrew Anthony Romanienko
Andrew Anthony Romanienko 20 timmar sedan
Announce Stadia!
Apolkoumios Loukoumios
Apolkoumios Loukoumios 21 timme sedan
'Everything for our starter driver' Horner vides
Teufel 22 timmar sedan
Super, jetzt da EA übernommen hat gibt es jetzt noch mehr sinnlose minitransaktionen. Genau so ein scheiss Karriere Mode wie bei Fifa oder Madden. EA geht es schon lange nicht mehr um den Spieler, lang lebe der Konzern! Ich habe alle F1 Games aber werde jetzt aufhören es zu kaufen (aufhören wenns am schönsten ist), denn ich werde EA nicht unterstützen
Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy Dag sedan
F1 2021 "how far until you reach your Breaking Point?" Online lobbies: "AND IT'S LIGHTS OUT AND AWAY WE GO!"
Mame Perez
Mame Perez Dag sedan
XNeonX Dag sedan
remember that codemaster belongs now to EA
Brandon Corr
Brandon Corr Dag sedan
no body told me netflix but f12021
Micael Kun
Micael Kun Dag sedan
H.Marko:Anything to ur star driver
Dks WingsUp
Dks WingsUp Dag sedan
All i want to know is did they fix the absolutely broken penalty system. I want online leagues where you can develope the car over multiple seasons not a dumb story mode.
Sergio perez onbord F1
Sergio perez onbord F1 Dag sedan
Hi F1 games form codemasters
TheLayman Dag sedan
Went to the steam page they have included something call "pitcoins" to spend in game. Has EA written all over it. Knew it would not take long for the psychology dept. to get a hold of this thing. Of course idiots will eat this up all the while being Jucied by EA and their horrible Anti-consumer business practices. Like Westwood, Maxis and many others RIP Codemasters.
dolita windo
dolita windo Dag sedan
"You want respect you give respect. Thats how it works." - some guy
Jason Albuquerque
Jason Albuquerque Dag sedan
F1 @my fav 💯💯💯💯🔥
Seiby Dag sedan
In next gen the game will be amazing I truly believe that
Adam Nowak
Adam Nowak Dag sedan
All the expected innovations: F1 2022 - you can now choose among four, not three answers during press conference. F1 2023 - the long-awaited and begged for "drink from the shoe" function. F1 2024 - if you're a Ferrari driver, at the end of the race you can press ctrl+t to activate the "grazzie ragazzi" function. F1 2025 - Russel gets a beard, Vettel gets a toupe. F1 2026 - you get to simulate the pube-growing process of Lando Norris. F1 2027 - "We've decided to remove the in-cockpit view, because 99% of players drive from the T-cam view anyway".
Angra Gomes
Angra Gomes Dag sedan
Formula1 Mobile Racing season 2021?
Adam Nowak
Adam Nowak Dag sedan
The moment where they start focusing on all other aspects instead of pure racing is where the game is no longer a racing simulation, but SIMS10 Formula One Edition. That's why I loved Grand Prix 2, Grand Prix 4 and F1 Challenge. That's why I hate the Codemaster's series.
spectralking Dag sedan
I was expecting a better trailer, showing details of the car, textures, reflections of the ray tracing interacting with the car and the rain, I really didn't like the trailer.
Augustoll Dag sedan
Kkkkkk A Codemasters sells the game before publicizing a gameplay it so people don't see that it's just another Mod
DawnOfTheOzz Dag sedan
Interesting, but still holding out until I hear about classic F1 cars.
Hinata Matsumoto
Hinata Matsumoto Dag sedan
Please make it possible for Mac users to play this as well!
Bayu Nowo Adi
Bayu Nowo Adi Dag sedan
The EA logo is terrifying.
Qwiks Dag sedan
Kaan Kutlu
Kaan Kutlu Dag sedan
Too expensive thanks ea
MAKSON Dag sedan
Linus Pennuttis
Linus Pennuttis Dag sedan
Das Spiel ist wantaschis 👍👍👍👍😎✌️😘❤️
Samiutu ._.
Samiutu ._. Dag sedan
Idea: add a "create your track" mode, where you can design your own tracks.
Called _Neth
Called _Neth Dag sedan
Do f1 2021 have crossplay ??
joel padron
joel padron Dag sedan
VR users it is very difficult to play a flat screen simulator again, simulator that does not have VR support, my money in my pocket.Good job
Saul Cob Canul
Saul Cob Canul Dag sedan
Car components will cost real money.
Musti 361
Musti 361 2 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does 0:12 look like Lawrence Stroll and Sebastian Vettel?
Ty Whiteman
Ty Whiteman 2 dagar sedan
eLIPHAS3333 2 dagar sedan
Nope. EA are cancer.
Cutter Gamer
Cutter Gamer 2 dagar sedan
EA: 500$ to buy Lewis Hamilton
Kimi Raikkonen
Kimi Raikkonen 2 dagar sedan
We need this NOW! 😎
Andrew Campion
Andrew Campion 2 dagar sedan
Please have realistic sounds and driving animations
Kent James
Kent James 2 dagar sedan
Can't wait for it but just why > "pre-order now" this game we haven't shown anything off yet.
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 2 dagar sedan
Wow this was...actually pretty good. Well done Codemasters. Well done.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 2 dagar sedan
Ltes gooo
ALX MOBILE GAMING 2 dagar sedan
"You want respect you give respect" A legendary quote right there
sam tinkler
sam tinkler 21 timme sedan
F1 2021 Sopranos Edition
Left4Coragem 2 dagar sedan
Game is 150% more expensive in Brazil. No new tracks at launch, story mode nobody asked for and will be crap. You can keep your garbage game, i'll play Asseto Corsa until you guys remember how to take your head off your ass.
ALX MOBILE GAMING 2 dagar sedan
Realistic game quality doesn't come cheap
Hayd3n Elliott
Hayd3n Elliott 2 dagar sedan
Do people who use braking assist still get to play?
Lemar Animations
Lemar Animations 2 dagar sedan
Telling you u have a lot of wheel spin on ur start so keep the throttle down for a little while so you don’t create smoke and ur getaway will be better
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 2 dagar sedan
This career mode has so much potential to be insane
Hamit JT Akbaş
Hamit JT Akbaş 2 dagar sedan
EA!!! $$$
The PlayStation Addict
The PlayStation Addict 2 dagar sedan
@Hamit JT Akbaş yea i know,but the game was in development before EA came in
Hamit JT Akbaş
Hamit JT Akbaş 2 dagar sedan
@The PlayStation Addict as a result ea the financing of it
The PlayStation Addict
The PlayStation Addict 2 dagar sedan
Remember....this was made DURING the EA takover,so Codemasters is still in charge
João Augusto
João Augusto 2 dagar sedan
F1-11 👏 F1-12👏 F1-13🙌 F1-14👏 F1-15👏 F1-16👏 F1-17💁 F1-18😱 F1-19😱 F1-20✌️ F1-21😱😱😱 Like for Brasilians
carpetcrawler79 2 dagar sedan
What a shitty trailer
The PlayStation Addict
The PlayStation Addict 2 dagar sedan
Why tho? It looks like an awesome game
Aidan Burke
Aidan Burke 2 dagar sedan
Why is this in my recommended now
Vesk 2 dagar sedan
Why is this game avalanche for pre-order when there was literally not even a single shot from the game in this trailer.
WIKTOR I GRY 2 dagar sedan
pls F1 on Nintendo Switch
BornerTL 2 dagar sedan
would it have crossplay?
Miza -_-
Miza -_- 2 dagar sedan
« Akkerman » *snk fan noises*
Robert van 't Haar
Robert van 't Haar 2 dagar sedan
So hyped for this one, will be the last F1 game (mostly) under guidance of Codemasters. Next year version will be from those money grabbers that are called EA, so this will be my last F1 in a while...
Secret Person
Secret Person 2 dagar sedan
When we will have update for formula 1 mobile?
Aboubacar Kanté
Aboubacar Kanté 2 dagar sedan
Plutôt que de faire des redites. Faites-nous un bon jeu cette fois-ci. De vrais bruits de moteur...la liste est longue.
Hemanth Kumar
Hemanth Kumar 2 dagar sedan
Finally "Drive to Survive - F1 2021 Video Game Edition"
zXzcrazygames nl
zXzcrazygames nl 2 dagar sedan
Best trailer of codemaster op to now
BWSpeed 2 dagar sedan
Angra Gomes
Angra Gomes 2 dagar sedan
Brazil ps4 R$360 ):v