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Tim Huizing
Tim Huizing Dag sedan
VR support???????
Jason Burrell
Jason Burrell Dag sedan
I hope we get accurate tracks this time
JaNnIK_R8 720s
JaNnIK_R8 720s Dag sedan
1 year .
Ernst Traag
Ernst Traag Dag sedan
Still no VR? It's 2021 people... The official F1 game, the technologically most advanced sport, is the ONLY modern racing 'sim' which doesn't support VR.
Iceman Dag sedan
Why no Lukas Weber?
Wolf Auuu
Wolf Auuu 2 dagar sedan
Al fin un buen juego para 2 offline!!
aa b
aa b 2 dagar sedan
Practice sessions could be done the way that the more laps player does the better the car is prepared for race/qualification. Like if player rides for example 2 laps, than the game (mechanics) set the correct top speed and ideal shifting, than another few laps for springs, brakes, traction control. And that all accordign to each players' different riding style (like if the game detects sliding a wheel it would adjust accordingly, on the other hand for smooth players it wouldn't...).
Giorgos Kyp
Giorgos Kyp 2 dagar sedan
i just dont like the fact that the 1st prestige rank needs 98k xp to unlock and probably the other 4 ranks will need like 100k+ and this is kinda annoying to me cuz it makes me play other games and give up
Ommar Win
Ommar Win 2 dagar sedan
God Damn!! This looks good! Codemasters is on a roll here! Can't wait to play a fully Flashed out STORY MODE! 100/100 STARS
Tim M
Tim M 3 dagar sedan
What combo of button presses are used to activate ERS? I play on PC with a 360 controller.
ThiagoPratezi 3 dagar sedan
Looks good, but im not paying 400 bucks for it.
captain shenanigans
captain shenanigans 3 dagar sedan
Ea: you wanna race in japan with rain? Consumer: yes. Ea: 20$
Carlos Jimenez
Carlos Jimenez 3 dagar sedan
Hola, cómo puedo apuntarme a los próximos eventos que se organicen. Me gustaría participar? Hello, how can I sign up for the next events that are organized? I would like to participate
Carlos Jimenez
Carlos Jimenez 3 dagar sedan
Hola, cómo puedo apuntarme a los próximos eventos que se organicen? Me gustaría participar Hello, how can I sign up for the next events that are organized? I would like to participate
ProStreet Mih0
ProStreet Mih0 4 dagar sedan
Lautaro Moreira
Lautaro Moreira 5 dagar sedan
So The Journey but in F1? Might be cool
Ofspringing 5 dagar sedan
Waiting for how's the next gen version
W A R M O E S 6 dagar sedan
i hope there is going to be better graphics then the 2020 version
Alex Morevi
Alex Morevi 6 dagar sedan
Y el juego??? And the game??????
Manas Patil
Manas Patil 6 dagar sedan
Before we hype this game i think we all know *EA* is behind this So I hope you have deeep pocket and a large wallet cause money is gonna fly outta there
Death Sausage
Death Sausage 6 dagar sedan
Netflix F1 2021
Joery Zeldenthuis
Joery Zeldenthuis 7 dagar sedan
Come an new trailer Of F1 2021
Gabriel Petrisor
Gabriel Petrisor 7 dagar sedan
For the career mode, local co-op( split screen) will also be implemented.
Abz Man
Abz Man 7 dagar sedan
Imagine having your comment liked by the host of this video 👀😱
Rodrigo Galeano
Rodrigo Galeano 7 dagar sedan
Ya saldrá el F1 2021 y yo sigo acá con mi ps3 jugando al F1 2013 y 2014 😔🥰🤣
Norbert Samek
Norbert Samek 7 dagar sedan
Thanks youtube algorithm
Mr.Fartythecool 8 dagar sedan
The hype for the 15$ Ferrari engine pack is so much can't wait...
MrR R 8 dagar sedan
New box animations, start from pit, please, red flag please, i dont need story mode
Alex Ronson
Alex Ronson 8 dagar sedan
Same i love f1 2020, imagine how good f1 2021 would be
Domi :D
Domi :D 8 dagar sedan
Hungary F1 2020 : 15990 HUF F1 2021: 21990 HUF Welcome to EA, i love you🤡
Android gamer
Android gamer 2 dagar sedan
i have converted it and its 60€ so thats a reasonable price for a game lol
Marcos Salomão
Marcos Salomão 8 dagar sedan
Where's VR support??
Freizeitpark Junkie
Freizeitpark Junkie 9 dagar sedan
To have the switch is my biggest mistake I d ever did 😭
The Casual Gamer
The Casual Gamer 9 dagar sedan
I like how they don’t show anything about the game but already selling it....like...wtf am I buying?
GERARDBERGER777 9 dagar sedan
EA Sports:In the game,now owning Codemasters,and they owning Slightymad Studios
GERARDBERGER777 9 dagar sedan
Ah well: _Formula 1 _WRC (in 2023) _FIFA (Football Soccer) _NBA Live (Basketball) _NFL Madden (American Football) _MLB The Show (Baseball) Really EA is getting serious with sports,now adding motorsports
GERARDBERGER777 9 dagar sedan
Fun facts _Last EA Sports game about motorsports was NASCAR 09 _Last Formula 1 official game developed by EA Sports was F1 Challenge '99-'02
Unknown 9 dagar sedan
Imagine to join mercedes team you need to pay to join them because EA is here now lol (I swear EA are going to take over games and it will be the EA virus)
Gabriel Mello
Gabriel Mello 9 dagar sedan
Good bye F1 Franchise !!!! 2020 my last title........ farewell !!! EA money monsters already selling at tripled 300% prices the 2021 game in some countries - big fat LUL - Get your wallets ready for your EA Favourite , Boxes and packs !! (with engineers, tyres, perks, traits,bonuses and cosmetics !! all for $5 a key woohoo )
Alpine F1 Team
Alpine F1 Team 9 dagar sedan
F1® 2021 Game | New Tracks Imola 🇮🇹 Portimão 🇵🇹 Turkey 🇹🇷 Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
Dean 9 dagar sedan
No cross platform, no buy
I U 9 dagar sedan
Pay 1.99$ to see rest of the details
Michael Suhr
Michael Suhr 9 dagar sedan
What is the most important thing when you announce a new game and want to arouse the curiosity of buyers? there are game scenes that also show the graphics. and of course that's exactly what is missing again the customer should buy the pig in a poke again.
Slay Cheroso
Slay Cheroso 10 dagar sedan
wait that's... *EA?*
TheCardChannel 10 dagar sedan
This video would be really useful if the safety car ever came in my game. Yes I have SC turned on.
Cbn Eazy
Cbn Eazy 10 dagar sedan
Is it now from codemasters or ea??
Mac Ouille
Mac Ouille 10 dagar sedan
Pour les développeur merci de corriger les bugs de la version française : se faire parler au féminin quand on est un homme, avoir le voyant rouge sur l’amf avec marqué usure pneu pour n’importes quelles raisons (usure moteur, usure de la boîte où toutes autres pièces), le fait que l’ingénieur ne parle uniquement que des pneus lorsqu’on lui demande l’état de la voiture (pas de précisions sur les freins, température de gomme, état de la carrosserie ou état des éléments moteur) et enfin merci de bannir les cheaters en mode chrono qui font des temps de référence 10sec ou 15sec en moins avec des accélérations (teleportations) dans les lignes droites. Suffit de voir le 1er au classement sur monza. Merci
Electric gaming Mineo
Electric gaming Mineo 10 dagar sedan
Gláucia Saldanha
Gláucia Saldanha 10 dagar sedan
F1 Mobile Racing Download Now
Van Francisco
Van Francisco 10 dagar sedan
Can you guys make a GPX Cyberformula game?
Alex 10 dagar sedan
Will license, Codemasters have, allow exit a car and walk on a track and pit lane?
COD Call of duty
COD Call of duty 10 dagar sedan
Pls pls pls pls make the f1 2016 free pls pls pls pls pls
Bas de Vaal
Bas de Vaal 7 dagar sedan
Lol stfu
Lautaro Quiroga
Lautaro Quiroga 11 dagar sedan
Glad you got EA funding :D Not buying this game or another one from now on
Guill0t 11 dagar sedan
Sooo basically red bull simulator
Squeecy 11 dagar sedan
Please restructure the multiplayer feature 🙏
Eliécer Daniel 343
Eliécer Daniel 343 12 dagar sedan
Ya quiero otro trailer de f1 2021 😢.
Mattia Binotto •
Mattia Binotto • 12 dagar sedan
Yes, I know it is impossible to make the Turkey track in 2 months, but you can easily make IstanbulPark by making up the data in the old games 😊 Please Add IstanbulPark... I'm sending you my hearts and greetings from Turkey ❤🇹🇷🏁🏎 Please do not hurt us and add the Track ❤ If you add Istanbul, F1TR will be very happy with this news and the sales of the game will increase.Because F1 is a very popular sport in Turkey 😊
Mattia Binotto •
Mattia Binotto • 12 dagar sedan
Almost 80% of the players are reacting to your not adding IstanbulPark, especially when there are rumors that you will not add IstanbulPark in Turkey, so many players sad and angry. Please add IstanbulPark
DaniMacYo 12 dagar sedan
We needs F1 2021 gameplay and more news pwease!!
Gianni Knies
Gianni Knies 12 dagar sedan
We want a new F1 2021 trailer
TacticzRules 12 dagar sedan
@F1 Games from Codemasters, will you add Turkey to the F1 2021 game? Because Turkey will replace Canada
Dimitrije Minic
Dimitrije Minic 11 dagar sedan
TacticzRules 12 dagar sedan
@Loek Tube I bloody hope so!
Loek Tube
Loek Tube 12 dagar sedan
Pretty sure they won't, but we can still hope🤞
Max H
Max H 12 dagar sedan
Idowu OP
Mattia Binotto •
Mattia Binotto • 12 dagar sedan
Please provide information about IstanbulPark, will it be in the game? And when will the gameplay videos come? Thank you in advance for your answers 😊
3van 5yrbos
3van 5yrbos 12 dagar sedan
Are we gonna get any gameplay or news about F1 2021?
Georgerussellfan 63
Georgerussellfan 63 11 timmar sedan
@LcKy EnoXezz idk exactly 1 month after first announced probably
LcKy EnoXezz
LcKy EnoXezz 12 timmar sedan
@Georgerussellfan 63 Why Saturday?
Georgerussellfan 63
Georgerussellfan 63 2 dagar sedan
Probably this Saturday
Clash with Simon
Clash with Simon 12 dagar sedan
2 people are "first"
Mr. MotoGP
Mr. MotoGP 12 dagar sedan
Bartelkk 12 dagar sedan
Georgerussellfan 63
Georgerussellfan 63 2 dagar sedan
No your not
Ignacio Sosa
Ignacio Sosa 3 dagar sedan
No one cares
Roger Ranea Vila
Roger Ranea Vila 12 dagar sedan
Ignacio Sosa
Ignacio Sosa 3 dagar sedan
No one cares
Mattia Binotto •
Mattia Binotto • 12 dagar sedan
Please add IstanbulPark 😊
Say10 12 dagar sedan
Habra un DLC con circuitos como Turquia? O Mugello? Creo como carreras oficiales que han sido, deberian sacar todos los circuitos donde se ha corrido en 2020 y 2021