F1® 2020 | Podium Pass Series 5 Trailer

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F1® 2020 Podium Pass Series 5 is live right now, and we have 30 new tiers and challenges for you to unlock. That’s not all, as we’re adding a new feature for this series: Prestige, which gives you an awesome opportunity to earn rewards beyond the dizzying heights of the top tiers.
Read more here: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/f1-2020-podium-pass-series-five
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Red Beta
Red Beta 10 dagar sedan
I am not missing out on that 精神 livery
Lover YouTubers
Lover YouTubers 25 dagar sedan
Max Verstappen have pole position in Bahrain Grand Prix 2021 and winner you know who is :)
Georgerussellfan 63
Georgerussellfan 63 25 dagar sedan
Will f1 2021 be ps5 with upgraded graphics quick load times ect
Georgerussellfan 63
Georgerussellfan 63 19 dagar sedan
@Andrew Bowman-Kennan thats what I'm saying will f1 2021 have os5 gameplay speeds etc not f1 2020
Andrew Bowman-Kennan
Andrew Bowman-Kennan 20 dagar sedan
i doubt it. the new game’s coming in summer so that’ll probably get optimised for the new gen, i don’t see anything happening for 2020 though
N3X VIJA 26 dagar sedan
Hope they add an equal cars option to split screen.
Rodrigo Bedin
Rodrigo Bedin 27 dagar sedan
I want F1 2021.
LGM 27 dagar sedan
For the next update would it be possible to be able to use the clutch at any point, so we can do practice starts, and no penalty for blocking pit lane exit so we can do those practice starts
TMG 25 dagar sedan
That’s a good idea tho
Syne Rgy2.0
Syne Rgy2.0 28 dagar sedan
What is prestige?
Joshua Fancher
Joshua Fancher 21 dag sedan
Ever played Call of Duty?
Marc Knod
Marc Knod 29 dagar sedan
I think you should Start working on F1 2021 they also released jeddah circuit
TMG 25 dagar sedan
They’ve been working on it
Joelma Lima
Joelma Lima 29 dagar sedan
F1 2020 in game pass xbox
FeRiTY 29 dagar sedan
All these Items are lame... sorry. But this time Podium Pass Series is really not worth buying it. Apart from this there's literally no one playing in multiplayer-cars, so you can't even really show them online. I got my eSports-Series-Livery anyways.
Daniel Sofronea
Daniel Sofronea 29 dagar sedan
Some juicy stuff in there .
Demo 1 Garage
Demo 1 Garage 29 dagar sedan
MARCO THE MARC 29 dagar sedan
I was hoping for a f1 2021 trailer
Joshua Fancher
Joshua Fancher 21 dag sedan
Have patience dear friend...
Brice Meyer
Brice Meyer 29 dagar sedan
Yeah you're right, we'd rather have new gloves than actual 2020 tracks in F1 2020. Thanks
Brice Meyer
Brice Meyer 24 dagar sedan
@TMG What 4 new tracks ? Istanbul and Nurburgring were in the 2011, and 2011 and 2013 respectively. Imola was in F1 2013 so they also had the data. Not as if those tracks changed a lot during thos last 7 or so years. Sakhir was of course the same track. Yes we had never raced at Mugello, but do you know who races at Mugello every year ? MotoGP. They could have at least asked for the data, at least tried. Now do I really think they're going to make 1 new track for a game that's just 18 days old (Portimao was confirmed on July, 24th, don't mess with the timeline) ? Yes absolutely
TMG 25 dagar sedan
You lack a LOT of knowledge presented by codemasters it seems. It takes codemasters ONE YEAR (maybe more than that) to make one full track. You really think they’re going to make 4 new tracks for a game that’s less than 6 months away from being one year old? Very stupid of you ngl.
dionisis tokas
dionisis tokas 29 dagar sedan
Blackout76 29 dagar sedan
Owen Roberts
Owen Roberts 29 dagar sedan
this pass is absolute garbage.
nordkapp 12
nordkapp 12 29 dagar sedan
why not make it possible to get legend drivers to use in my team and career... why not helmets, numbers...
Johnny magnum
Johnny magnum 29 dagar sedan
I can't join a session anymore on my ps4. There is a long loading and then an error. Wtf codemasters?
Peter McCormack
Peter McCormack 28 dagar sedan
Same with me except can’t load a career??
Matt H
Matt H 29 dagar sedan
Matt H
Matt H 29 dagar sedan
I thought they updated the new patch by adding tracks
Andrew Bowman-Kennan
Andrew Bowman-Kennan 20 dagar sedan
they won’t add tracks when the new game is literally a few months away. maybe in that game, hopefully
TMG 25 dagar sedan
New tracks will never come to f1 2020
Thiago Luiz
Thiago Luiz 29 dagar sedan
When we have news about the new game?
Thiago Luiz
Thiago Luiz 7 dagar sedan
@jennifer 👏👏
jennifer 7 dagar sedan
It has been announced
Joshua Fancher
Joshua Fancher 21 dag sedan
@TMG I mean just because it was like that last year doesnt mean its going to ALWAYS be the same dude😂
TMG 25 dagar sedan
@Syne Rgy2.0 didn’t we get an announcement for 2020 in late March-early April? Edit: nvm they announced f1 2020 on the 15th of April
Syne Rgy2.0
Syne Rgy2.0 29 dagar sedan
End of April
AndyHSLeeds 29 dagar sedan
They won't add the tracks the season actually raced on but still put fillerware into the game. This isn't content this just another milking system when you charge same price every year for slightly updated graphics this game although massively better than fifa but its the same model rinse and repeat and no carry over ability just stuff it into DLC.
TMG 25 dagar sedan
I love how you think that it takes a month or 2 to create a track. I also love how you think they’re going to add new tracks to a game that’s less than 6 months away from becoming one year old.
TMG 25 dagar sedan
@BobMarleyVEV0 lmao what? Dumbest roast ever lol
TMG 25 dagar sedan
@AndyHSLeeds GTA is nowhere near the best game ever. You say that you don’t want games going in the same direction? Look at the amount of time GTA has been out. Little updates.
Owen Burton
Owen Burton 27 dagar sedan
@BobMarleyVEV0 kid said bootlicker 😂
Sad Luigi
Sad Luigi 27 dagar sedan
They added my team, which is a huge feature. Plus you dont even have to pay for the podium pass if you dont want to so quit complaining
youssef león
youssef león 29 dagar sedan
I'm here to tell you right now we don't care
Angra Gomes
Angra Gomes 29 dagar sedan
hello codemasters i'm from brazil and well there are a lot of people complaining they are charging pit stop and the teammate in the personalized team and the replay mode and the way of watching the race when it ends please answer me
xeran 29 dagar sedan
mugicha326 29 dagar sedan
2021 please
mugicha326 29 dagar sedan
@SnakezF1 thx
SnakezF1 29 dagar sedan
Around July
Nikolas Kirisitz
Nikolas Kirisitz 29 dagar sedan
So EA has taken its toll on codies...
Apophis STR
Apophis STR 29 dagar sedan
@SnakezF1 Although there isn't any actual negative change in the game yet, it's difficult to not dislike/skeptical about the presence of EA because of what they've done repeatedly over the years. The moment you started trusting them is when they'll betray you.
Nikolas Kirisitz
Nikolas Kirisitz 29 dagar sedan
@Owen Burton ah ok
Owen Burton
Owen Burton 29 dagar sedan
@Nikolas Kirisitz ea bought codemasters months after the podium pass was announced
Nikolas Kirisitz
Nikolas Kirisitz 29 dagar sedan
@SnakezF1 your right, let's hope for the best
SnakezF1 29 dagar sedan
@Nikolas Kirisitz I understand. Personally I hope they just brinv the money and staff and lett codies do the rest. We'll see!
Matt Prior
Matt Prior 29 dagar sedan
I've literally never bought anything and never will😅 most of these will probably come with the new game for free
Snupps 26 dagar sedan
@Cyrus It's easy compared to other passes in other games, but it takes nowhere near 5 hours to max it to tier 30. If you have a method to get it there so fast then please do share.
Cyrus 29 dagar sedan
You got 15 000 pitcoins for buying the game, the pass costs 9 000, and you get 10 000 coins for completing it, which is super easy and takes like 5 hours of gameplay. It's probably the most "fair" battlepass I've ever seen, but the rewards are shite
SN13K3R 29 dagar sedan
I hope so, that would be nice
Matt Prior
Matt Prior 29 dagar sedan
@LOCO I doubt ea would have had much influence tbh , because they finished the purchase so late in development of the new game .
LOCO 29 dagar sedan
They probably won't now that EA has taken over
DaniMacYo 29 dagar sedan
I got excited thought this was a 2021 trailer when the notification popped up lol.
C-F 1-R
C-F 1-R 21 dag sedan
@Schuster Crafter no it’s not
SweetFlexZ 22 dagar sedan
@Schuster Crafter No
Schuster Crafter
Schuster Crafter 22 dagar sedan
Tomorrow 1. April come the Trailer
SweetFlexZ 23 dagar sedan
@Egxsyy I can't tell you the exact date but 🤐🤫
Egxsyy 23 dagar sedan
@SweetFlexZ how do you know?
macel1602 29 dagar sedan
And we still don't get the new tracks from the 2020 season? Oh...
TMG 25 dagar sedan
@macel1602 it takes them one year to make new tracks. You call that a “chance” to add new tracks? Try again because you’re wrong.
Sad Luigi
Sad Luigi 27 dagar sedan
@macel1602 they literally added my team, f2, driver transfers. I dont think the game has changed "incredibly little" over the last few years
SnakezF1 29 dagar sedan
@Lucasart328 what are you saying with this??
Lucasart328 29 dagar sedan
@SnakezF1 lmfaooooooooooooooooooooo? yeah right. the best f1 game was grand prix 4, a game releases early 2000s
SnakezF1 29 dagar sedan
@macel1602 that's because codies are a SMALL company without much funding.
Izumado does stuff Inc.
Izumado does stuff Inc. 29 dagar sedan
Did you finally lower the price though
TMG 25 dagar sedan
Why would they lower the price? Maybe you should stop spending all your pitcoins so fast and save up until you see a pass that you know you 100% want
9live 29 dagar sedan
why should they? the podium pass was for free since the beginning
Collect Your Fandom
Collect Your Fandom 29 dagar sedan
The podium pass keeps my team fresh. Thank you codies!
Timo Nathaniel
Timo Nathaniel 29 dagar sedan
F1 2021 for next Gens?
Lover YouTubers
Lover YouTubers 24 dagar sedan
@Tamira That dualsense for PS5 it's broken and i want for PS4 Codemasters giving chance for PS4 🙂
Tamira 24 dagar sedan
@TMG No F1 2021 must be release for PS4 because that dualsense for PS5 it's broken 😉
TMG 25 dagar sedan
Yes. I feel like it’s obvious that 2021 will be coming to next gen consoles
Lover YouTubers
Lover YouTubers 26 dagar sedan
for next Gens it's complicated :)
Flo_27 29 dagar sedan
It's rawe ceek
A N I T A 29 dagar sedan
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