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One of the hardest tracks on the entire calendar, the Singapore Street Circuit is an endurance test that rarely gives you a chance to relax. Keep a cool head and try out our tips from this guide to succeed. 🙂
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Angeljavier Panelo
Angeljavier Panelo 3 månader sedan
Saludos desde monaco
blanton69 3 månader sedan
I love this track .. except when it rains
0000 0000
0000 0000 3 månader sedan
i cant believe people still buy this crap every year
Räksy 3 månader sedan
How does the driver ratings work on f1 my team? If it says 83 pace but it has +10 after it is it actually 93?
yeet 3 månader sedan
HUNBenjamin 3 månader sedan
I think the music is not enough loud
N3X VIJA 3 månader sedan
I hope they add more content into F1 2020
McPlayer8t 3 månader sedan
Now that people can’t ask for the F2 2020 cars here anymore, can you please fix the nation flags for Marcus Armstrong and Jack Aitken. Armstrong is from New Zealand, not Australia, and when Aiken made his Formula 1 debut Sakhir last year, he used the South Korean flag, though he used the British flag in F2, not sure if that makes it complicated.
McPlayer8t 3 månader sedan
Well from the top line of his wiki page: “Jack Aitken (Korean: 한세용, Han Se-yong; born 23 September 1995 in London) is a British-Korean racing driver currently competing in Formula 2 for Campos Racing. Born in London to a Scottish father and Korean mother...” So he is half Korean. I just saw the Korean flag beside his name somewhere, and Alex Jacques refers to him as the Anglo-Korean driver. But, it appears he raced under the British flag in Sakhir. Wherever I saw the South Korea flag was obviously an unofficial source. That said, I would like to see that anyway, it’s always good to see more different nationalities in F1. I’m excited to see another Japanese driver in F1 this year.
Trex3n20 3 månader sedan
@McPlayer8t he says that he is half korean but idk
McPlayer8t 3 månader sedan
True, I can’t remember where I saw it then, because yeah, officially he has GBR next to his name on the F1 site, but someone somewhere had him listed as Korean for the event. I guess it was some other unofficial website. My mistake, sorry about the confusion.
Die Legende
Die Legende 3 månader sedan
Are you sure Aitken raced under the South Korean flag in F1? I just looked at the entry list from the Sakhir GP and Aitken's nationality is listed as GBR there
Euro 86
Euro 86 3 månader sedan
See u in Oct
Miguel Angel Ochoa
Miguel Angel Ochoa 3 månader sedan
Algún día pondrán estas guías en español?
Mareli1983 3 månader sedan
How about introducing ban hammer and sorting out penalties? online racing is a joke!
Josh Tey
Josh Tey 3 månader sedan
My home track!
George B
George B 7 dagar sedan
Your stupid fortnite profile picture
Kavin Arivan
Kavin Arivan 3 månader sedan
Polish Motorsport
Polish Motorsport 3 månader sedan
Tbh i love this track
McPlayer8t 3 månader sedan
Yash Patel 7
Yash Patel 7 3 månader sedan
F1. F1 F1....
Satvik Krishna
Satvik Krishna 3 månader sedan
It's gonna be helpful for real Racing 3 because it also has the same
Robertinho Makulu
Robertinho Makulu 3 månader sedan
Real Racing 3 doesn't have driving Models that are realistically the same as the F1 Game. Real Racing is too Amateurish.
Satvik Krishna
Satvik Krishna 3 månader sedan
@Milk not gonna make purchases
Milk 3 månader sedan
just don’t play real racing lmao
Satvik Krishna
Satvik Krishna 3 månader sedan
@GP_N_Memes SEpost agree with ya
GP_N_Memes Youtube
GP_N_Memes Youtube 3 månader sedan
won’t be the same due to the different handling models
Shaqattack29 3 månader sedan
Where’s f1 2013 guy?
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